About us

IES Quartó de Portmany is a high school where academic and vocational education is offered. With more than 700 students and 80 teachers approximately, we consider ourselves a multicultural school with the aim of educating people from a globalised point of view with respect to others and different cultures as the main value.

Regarding our methodology, we do not follow a single way of working, but we focus on the differences among our students and their different needs in order to decide which is the best way to work with them. Nevertheless, one of our characteristics is that we do not use textbooks in class, each student has their own device -a Chromebook- and each teacher, together with the different members of each department, prepares their own material. For this reason, new technologies and innovation are essential in our different methodologies, together with teamwork and a very active role from the students in the teaching and learning process.

To sum up, our aim is to create a community -teachers, students and families- who is able to work together in order to manage in the globalised and digital world we are currently living in.

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